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Tips On How to Save a Document in PDF Format

In most parts of the world, one of the most accepted and ready acknowledged formers of documents is the PDF of documents. Text documents however, when being created are not created initially in PDF format but mostly as a Word document format or a text document format. For a documents to be more widely and readily accepted especially in the circles of people who are avid document readers and users, it is recommended that it be presented to them in the format of the PDF meaning that the creator of the document will in most times than not be required to convert text document or word document format to the more acknowledged and accepted format which is the PDF format. There are several options that one could explore in order to convert a document in word format or document in text format to becoming a document in PDF format which is more popular and more acceptable.

An alternative that one can pursue in order to change a word format document or text format document into a PDF format document is through the use of the Microsoft Word software that is installed on personal computers and laptops that use Windows as their operating system. Microsoft Word software provides users the option of creating and formatting the document as a Word format document and after that done working on the documents can save it as the PDF through the “save as” provision that is found in Microsoft Word installed optionally in personal computers and laptops using Windows as their operating system. Using Microsoft Word to convert a word format document or a text format document to a PDF is probably the most popular and widely used method and this is because of how popular Microsoft Word is across the world and the number of people who on a daily basis use Microsoft Word to create and edit documents.

Video editing software and photo editing software also do provide the option of “save as” and allow the person using the software to save their work in PDF format that can easily be shared and distributed compared to other formats that the software is may also issue the user with.

Another way that one can convert a word format document orders text format document into a PDF, is through the use of the software known as Adobe Acrobat Reader which basically allows the user to convert nearly all types of documents instantly into a PDF type of document. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a very convenient software to use as it retails for free on the Internet and can be downloaded by anyone who owns a personal computer or a laptop or even a mobile device that can access the Internet and house mobile applications.