The world's fastest static website engine.
Written in Golang.

Making websites should be fun.

Forget databases, security updates, and coffee breaks spent staring at your command line while you wait for your static site to build. Hugo's speed fosters creativity. It makes building a website fun again.

What Makes Hugo Special?
Check Out Just a Few of Hugo's Powerful Features

Blistering Speed

Jettison expensive runtime dependencies, and let Go’s incomparable I/O primitives do the work for you. For the first time, measure build times in micro- and milliseconds.

Markdown Without Limits

Hugo natively supports GFM, as well as Asciidoc, reStructuredText, and Org-mode through external helpers. Shortcodes keep your content readable and infinitely extensible.

Robust Content Management

Hugo offers support for taxonomies, unlimited content types, DRY templating, URL management, menus, archetypes, and summaries, all without the need for plugins.


Hugo has equally simple installation on macOS, Linux BSD, Windows, Dragonfly BSD, OpenBSD, Plan 9, and anywhere else the Go compiler tool chain can run.

Multilingual and i18n

Hugo provides full i18n support for multilinguage sites with the same straightforward development experience Hugo users love in single-language sites.

A Passionate Community

The gratification of an ultra-fast feedback loop doesn’t stop at the templating layer. One visit to the forums shows you never have to build Hugo sites alone.
$ go get
$ govendor get
$ go install

Install in minutes and start building websites in (milli)seconds.

Hugo works on macOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and anywhere the Go compiler tool chain can run.

See what others are saying about Hugo...

Diving deeper into @GoHugoIO. A lot of docs there, top work! But I've the impression that #gohugo is far easier than its feels from the docs!

─ Hans Beck (@EnrichedGamesHB) March 1, 2017

Building @garazaFRI website in #hugo. This static site generator is soooo damn fast! #gohugo #golang

─ Janez Čadež‏ (@jamziSLO) January 7, 2017

Hah, #gohugo. I was working with #gohugo on #linux but now I realised how easy is to set-up it on #windows. Just need to add binary to #path!

─ Execute‏‏ (@executerun) December 16, 2016

Websites for named vulnerabilities should run on static site generator platforms like Hugo. Read-only + burst traffic = static.

─ Daniel Miessler (@DanielMiessler) March 1, 2016

#Hugo A very good alternative for #wordpress !!! A fast and modern static website engine

─ WorkHTML (@workhtml) February 4, 2015

Hugo is impressively capable. It's a static site generator by @spf13 written in #golang . Just upgraded to latest release; very powerful.

─ Baron Schwartz (@xaprb) January 18, 2015
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